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Moonly weekly progress update #40

Moonly weekly progress update #40

I want you to meet Kai “The King”, a wonderful person that will help Moonly grow in various aspects. After I saw that great article he wrote about Moonly, that instant bought me because I felt he understood what Moonly is like he is a part of our hardcore team.

You can read his old article about Moonly here:

I like how he approaches the topic by carefully taking notes and doing in-depth research.

  • Kai will be the voice of Moonly and host Twitter Spaces once per week, where we will bring other upcoming or minted projects as a guest and do some AMA.

  • He will help by joining other Twitter spaces with me and advocating and talking about Moonly.

  • Kai will help with writing up content for Moonly, blog posts, WP, and even announcements sometime.

  • He will do a lot of research and provide critical and honest feedback on some of our ideas.

  • Kai will be part of our community and answer some questions when he feels it.

Overall, Kai will be a good addition to the Moonly team and our upcoming project!

Weekly developer progress:

  • Reviving Big BD scraper and cleaning up the DB schema

  • Fixing a few bugs for Moonrank scraper

  • Refactor the toggle NFT visibility script through the new chains flag

  • Experiment with the Moonrank scraper

  • Experiment with the buy button on the live feed

  • Trying to add some libraries to not depend on page-level components

  • Fixed a bug in Twitter scraper

  • Added switches to disable Live feed on test servers

  • Deploy fixes to remote logging on production

  • Included chain filter on the monitor page

  • Included year with mint date on production

  • Making admin “get suggestion” dynamic for published & auto-created both

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Implemented “test message” feature on HVB

  • Completed and tested “send test message” feature on HVB

  • Investigated different issues in HVB production

  • Started working on multi-thread wallet-checker

  • Wrote the multi-thread feature for wallet-checker

  • Implemented “Any trait” value

  • Investigated production issue of HVB related to metadata scraper

  • Deployed “default Any” trait on production

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Found a solution for collection address

  • Discovered why the volume showing NaN on the NFT Chart

  • Tried to fix the superuser DB issue

  • Fixed a bullMq lock duration issue on the ETH scraper

  • Fixed a production suggestion issue

Staking (Locking):

  • Working on Point Reward System and Staking Merging

  • Doing research for account migration

  • Got an understanding of how to structure accounts

  • Fixed bug and refactored Reward CountUP incrementor

  • Added incrementor for Total Reward

  • Implemented Dynamic Stake Pool

  • Made fronted changes for Dynamic Stake Pool

  • Create special Staking Access for Moonly author

  • Fixed stack overflow issue on collection info

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