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Moonly weekly progress update #62 - Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway

Moonly weekly progress update #62 — Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway

Everyone is working hard like little hard-working gnomes trying to finish the new features.

We are very excited about the Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway and would like to do a global testing with the holders in the upcoming weeks and see how this will go.

They will give us real feedback!
Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Added polling on the follow checker resolver

  • Fixed infinite polling issue on video processor resolver

  • Fixed the small issues on Frontend and Backend

  • The codebase is updated and the announcement catcher feature was tested in various ways

  • Fixing issues with the test servers

  • Added utility for parsing SFT and NFT metadata

  • Experimenting with Server components

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Finished the HVB index UI

  • Finished the frontend part of cross-site auth in HVB

  • Separated all actions related to HVB inside a menu

  • Temporarily removed pagination

  • Introduced a role selection feature for HVB rules

Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway:

  • Added Endpoint to manage the rule

  • Added Endpoint to manage the reward attribute

  • Added a Search Box for the rules section to select a collection

  • Added Modal to select allowed traits and reward traits

  • Fixed a couple of issues related to deployment and build

  • Updated the Manage Rule endpoint with the ability to update it and better clean API

  • Synced Manage Rule with the Frontend error handling

  • Load rule data on Frontend when it’s selected

  • Removed Raffle Rule from Frontend

  • Analyzed & resolved the user selection backend issue

  • Fetch Collection Traits Data from the Backend

  • Added “Allowed Trait Functionality” with any amount of traits

  • Added “Remove Allowed Trait” from the Frontend

  • Refactored “Manage Reward Attribute” code

  • Add, update, and remove Reward Traits more than once at once

  • Refactored the manage rule endpoint and added the “remove” functionality

  • Added functionality to add rewards from the Frontend

  • Fixed winner not get selected issue after adding trait type value box

  • Removed unnecessary stuff from the UI

  • Added “Mission Reward Tested” and fixed bugs

  • Added program logic to reject already added tokens as a reward

Upcoming NFT collections:

Minted projects worth mentioning:

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