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My one and only terminal tip

Is this is another one of those show-off-your-setup posts?

Well, kinda. I'll give you a breakdown of it, but really I wanted to give you One Simple Tip: give your terminal a subtle background pattern.

Screenshot of a dark terminal with a subtle background pattern

Can't see it too well? It is pretty subtle after all. You can click to see it a bit bigger, or look at this snip:

Close-up of a dark terminal with a subtle background pattern


I set a background pattern a few years ago and never looked back. It's faint enough that it doesn't get in the way, and just strong enough that the words I type look like they're on something rather than floating in space.

Honestly, I hate going back to a plain black "nothing" now.

Where can I get such a thing?

Well, you could make it yourself. Or you could nab one from somewhere like subtle patterns which is probably what I did.

What else can you see?


Windows Terminal, for no particular reason except that I took this screenshot on a Windows machine.

Host name MOTD

This is using figlet/toilet with the "future" font to tell me what machine I've logged into.

Shell prompt

Starship without the right font for the git plugin because Windows keeps losing it.


Entirely custom, at-whim colours

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Gabor Szabo

I am not that cool. I use white background.