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New Things Added - Laravel 9.23 Released

Let's get started quickly I found new things in Laravel 9.23 Released I wanted to share with you.

new amazing artisan docs command, giving developers quick access to website documentation from the command line

# Opens a choice dialog you can use to type what you want
php artisan docs

# Opens the validation docs
php artisan docs validation

php artisan docs validation unique

# partial searches, will open the unique validation rule
php artisan docs va un
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  • Delete a model quietly

method to delete a model from the database without raising any events

use App\Models\Flight;

$flight = Flight::find(1);

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adding the Conditionable trait to Filesystem to allow you to use when() and unless() methods

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I hope you enjoyed with me and to learn more about this release visit the sources and search more. I adore you who search for everything new.
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