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Nevertheless, Morena Fiore-Kirby Coded because curiosity can take you a long way.

I was a teenager, single child, so bored at home in a town in Italy where you can't go out between the hours of 1 and 4pm because everyone is having lunch or sleeping. I was always looking for new stimulations, so back then during those ungodly hours that meant exploring Windows 98 and XP's every single feature; or playing around with Poser's mannequin, or trying out every single clip art, audio or font installed.

Then my parents got me internet! And my curiosity couldn't be helped, I started wondering how were websites made? I created my first ones using image maps (sorry!) and tables for layout (so sorry!), although they were merely websites idolising my favourite football player, Nicola Ventola and TV show, Dawson Creek.

The next question I started to pose myself is how do I add data to this? So I started learning PHP and MySQL.
I should add, I never actually studied computer science, my parents couldn't afford for me to go to university and my life mission was to move to London. Here I tried to go to university, but messed it up financially and (one of the saddest things that have happen in my life) I had to drop out after a trimester or so.

So the studying computer science basics and fundaments never really happened. I started selecting what I needed to learn and picked up what I needed on the way.

Today I know I won't survive a whiteboard interview and tell you what algorithm will do what, or won't be able to give you a proper definition for most things I use on a daily basis, but I'll jump in the sea of whatever new technology to put in front of me, no matter the height.

Most of all I want to learn, every single day.

And allies, it's thanks to you that people like me who have this much willingness to learn but don't always have the means to, can grow in knowledge and confidence. Thanks to every single one of you who explained me something and who believes in my skills.

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