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Discussion on: Don’t pay the for-loop tax

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

A for loop has one great advantage over every other approach: it's common. I know how a for loop works and I can rely on it working in different languages and projects. It also has a common meaning with a single concept.

While I'm strongly in favour of higher level functions, it's difficult to remember which language has which, and precisely what they do. Is there a map, fold or join? What types does it support? What if a need a small variation, like fold_right instead?

I know how to do all of this in a for loop, so it doesn't bother me to use it if I'm unaware of another solution. If somebody points out an alternate syntax, I'll gladly switch the loop.

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Dan Homola Author

While I can see where you are coming from with your argument, I must ask: Isn't having to know if a particular language has 0- or 1- or arbitrarily based arrays a bit difficult as well?

I am obviously not saying it is the same amount of knowledge, I just think you have to know the language you are using either way, so why not learn its functions?