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GraphQL Day at the Lake

Before I begin, let me offer some full disclosure. I'm a co-organizer for this event. Together with the wonderful folks at Honeypot and with the tireless support of my company, GraphCMS, we are putting on another in the GraphQL Day series of events that's a little outside of the usual tech metropolises. GraphQL Day Bodensee.

In a little under 3 weeks we will be meeting at the beautiful town of Konstanz, Germany at the "Bodensee" (translated, Lake Constance).

GraphQL Day Bodensee Header Image, Historic White Building with Pink Textured Pattern Behind

And let me be dramatic here for a moment, you really won't want to miss this. The speaker lineup is fantastic, the location is the definition of "work-life" balance and the community is strong.

The Bodensee?

There's a tag-line for this region that I love. It's called "the four country region" - composed of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. And there is so much happening in this picturesque part of the world. Not to be categorized as a sleepy lake district, there are major companies at work around the lake. Whether it's the aeronautical juggernaut of Airbus or the perennial family favorite of Ravensburger (think puzzles, tip-toi, etc) - there are so many opportunities around the lake for people of any industry.

Additionally, it's the ideal place to really bring together communities from these different countries. With Zürich, St. Gallen, Bregenz and Stuttgart all being within an hour or so of the city, it's a great opportunity to not only learn about our favorite API spec but also to meet the greater tech community from the area. Whether you live in the Alps or the Allgäu, eat gipfeli or brezeln, say Servus or Grüß Gott - you're welcome here.

The Speakers

No, seriously, look at this speaker lineup!

A collage of all speakers for GraphQL Day Bodensee

I am floored that so many excellent teachers and developers have agreed to come and speak at this event. We will cover everything from quick-start GraphQL guides, in-depth talks about the finer parts of the specification and interesting ways to add some GraphQL to any project. And the event is quite limited! With less than 200 seats in the house, your chances of getting to meet other enthusiasts like yourself or to ask the speakers your burning questions is significantly higher than at larger conferences.

Nothing like a beer-garden style after-party on the lake. Welcome to lake life.

Time is Running Out

The conference is happening in just a few weeks! We'd love to have everyone from the nearby communities join us and we have opportunity, student and community tickets available so that everyone has a chance to attend.

Speaking of, head over to the ticket section with this link to get one of those community tickets right now! Limited to the first 30.

See you at the lake!

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