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Top 10 Web Development Frameworks in 2020

Web development frameworks are libraries that allow developers to build web applications and APIs efficiently and effortlessly.

The web application development domain is already crowded, with more than 25 frameworks available, and new ones keep being published. In such cases, it becomes difficult for businesses to finalize one framework based on their needs. To solve your problem, we have curated the top 10 frameworks for web development in 2020. Let's have a look!

1) Django – Python-based framework for web development

GitHub stars - 47.5K

Django is a Python-based open-source web development framework used for the fast development of APIs and the clean design of web applications. It has become popular among businesses and developers because web apps built using Django are fast, secure and scalable.


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When to choose Django?

Django is one of the most structured frameworks. However, Django is more favorable for web apps that are strong in handling backends. Also, when you have too many visitors/transactions taking place, Django is a good choice. You can choose Django when building inventory management, CRM systems, and social networking sites.

Who uses Django?

According to SimilarTech, 98,402 websites are using the Django framework. It is most popular among Computer and Electronics businesses. Following are the most popular businesses that use Django-

  • Opera
  • Pixaby
  • Prezi
  • Disqus
  • Instagram

2) Laravel – Open-source PHP framework

GitHub Stars - 57.9K

Laravel is one of the topmost, PHP-based web development frameworks that follows the MVC (model–view–controller) architectural pattern while building web apps. Web developers prominently use Laravel to develop flawless and powerful functionalities such as authentication, API integrations, handling common vulnerabilities, enabling automation web testing, and caching.


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When to choose Laravel?

Web developers choose the Laravel framework to make web development tasks easy. Laravel has the capabilities to simplify real-time event broadcasting and create a robust background and job processing. So, when you want to build large and robust web apps such as online communities, eCommerce apps, social networking apps, CRM and CMS systems, you must go for Laravel. Well, with Laravel, you can also experience higher performance and scalability in your web apps.

Who uses Laravel?

According to SimilarTech, 1,44,796 websites are using the Laravel framework. On top of websites, Laravel is powerful, accessible, and offers tools to build successful web apps. The most popular sites built with Laravel are,

  • Koel - a personal audio streaming web app
  • Flarum - Forum/community
  • October CMS
  • Invoice Ninja - open-source online invoicing app
  • Attendize - open-source ticket selling and event management app

3) Ruby on Rails - Server-side web application framework

GitHub stars - 45.1K

Ruby On Rails is a server-side framework for building web applications written in Ruby programming language. This web development framework provides all the tools and libraries required for building web applications that use databases.

Ruby on Rails

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When to choose Ruby on Rails?

When you want your web developers to build your app by simplifying repetitive and straightforward tasks, choose Rails framework. Ruby on Rails speedify your app development which is why you choose this framework to build Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for startups.

Who uses Ruby on Rails?

As Ruby on Rails framework is perfect for database-backed web applications, here are the popular businesses that use RoR web development framework,

  • WeTransfer
  • GitHub
  • Basecamp
  • Dribble
  • Kickstarter

4) Spring - Application framework for Java

GitHub Stars - 35.5K

Spring Framework is another web development framework that acts as a programming and configuration model for Java-based applications built for enterprises. It is used for creating web applications on the Java EE platform.


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When to choose Spring?

In large enterprises, when web applications exist for a long time, run on JDK and app servers, you can choose the Spring framework. Also, when you want to manage dependable transaction management, caching, security, or logging, go for the Spring framework.

Who uses Spring?

According to SimilarTech, 2,935 websites are using the Spring framework. It is most popular among businesses of the News and Media domain. 

5) Express - Web application framework for Node.js

GitHub stars - 47.5K

Express is a web development framework for Node.js. Web developers rely on Node.js because it’s light, scalable, and fast in executing the code directly on the browser.


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When to choose Express?

Node.js is powerful in building network-based apps and real-time apps. So, when you want to use existing code in your Node.js-based web development, Express framework is perfect to use. To build real-time streaming, payment gateways, eCommerce and on-demand apps, you need Express framework from Node.js.

Who uses Express?

Industry leaders use the Express framework from Node.js to build their successful web apps-

  • PayPal
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • LinkedIn
  • eBay

6) Angular – A popular framework for web development

GitHub Stars - 58.5K

Angular is a JavaScript-based web framework developed by Google and a community of developers. This web development framework became popular as it makes front-end development super easy and quick. Code reusability is one of its topmost features.


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When to choose Angular?

The Angular framework comes with scalability and high-performance. It is used for building the front-end of web applications and is primarily used for building single-page web applications. When you want to create some interactive social sites, choose Angular web development framework.

Who uses Angular?

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for web development. Google uses Angular for,

  • Google Search
  • YouTube
  • Google Translate

7) React.js - JavaScript library for building UI

GitHub Stars - 145K

React.js is a JavaScript library created by the developers at Facebook. Web developers can build beautiful UI of your single-page web apps using React. Using React with Angular is possible in the MVC template.


Image Source

When to choose React.js?

You can choose React.js framework when you want to keep on changing data in your large web applications without reloading the entire app. You can use React.js to build web apps that support native approach across all the platforms.

Who uses React.js?

In comparison, React is even more popular than Angular. Globally known organizations use React.js for their web apps,

  • Dropbox
  • Reddit
  • Whatsapp
  • Asana
  • Flipboard

8) Vue.js - JavaScript framework for building user interfaces

GitHub Stars - 158K

Vue.js is a JavaScript-based framework for building a user interface for web applications. The most significant advantage of using Vue.js is the smaller size. The size of Vue.js is only 18–21 kilobytes which means fewer lines of code and faster loading at the user side.


Image Source

When to choose Vue.js?

You can choose Vue.js when you want to build progressive web apps (PWAs) or web apps that have to be smaller in size, such as single-page web apps quickly. Even if you want to develop front-end apps with powerful UI, Vue.js is recommended.

Who uses Vue.js?

Like other web development frameworks, Vue.js is used among various organizations. Apps built with Vue.js are,

  • TaskList
  • ProjectHelios
  • FullStack

9) jQuery – A JavaScript library

GitHub Stars - 53K

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library for event handling and CSS animation. Businesses and developers use jQuery to implement easy-to-use APs across multiple browsers.


Image Source

When to choose jQuery?

When you want to create a small web app and maintain it easily for years, jQuery is your solution. Earlier, businesses needed to use Flash which was not supported by most of the browsers. But now, you can choose jQuery to add animation to web apps and give amazing-looking effects without affecting the loading speed.

Who uses jQuery?

Some well-known organizations use jQuery-

  • Gitlab
  • Ahrefs
  • HubSpot

10) Flask - Micro web framework written in Python

GitHub Stars - 49.2K

Flask is a python-based web framework that doesn’t use any particular libraries or tools. It doesn’t integrate any third-party libraries, but it supports extensions that can add required additional functionality to your website such as form validation, and upload handling and authentication.


Image Source

When to choose Flask?

Django and Flask both are Python-based frameworks for web development. You should choose Flask when you want to develop simple web apps that use NoSQL databases.

Who uses Flask?

Around 760 companies use Flask framework, but the top names are,

  • Netflix
  • AdRoll
  • Keen IO

Finalize the framework for web development via a simple process

The majority of the top web application development frameworks are built using programming languages such as PHP and JavaScript. However, there are few popular frameworks developed in Ruby on Rails and Python.

Top framework technologies

Image Source

But, before you choose the framework, consider the following criteria-

The framework you choose should have the support of a large developer community.

It should also receive regular features and security updates
The right web development framework has the capabilities to build flawless and functionally-rich web applications. Here is a small process to choose the right framework for your next web application project-

  1. Document your business requirements, functional and non-functional app requirements
  2. Discuss with your web app development agency (if you don’t have one, talk to our experts)
  3. Choose a framework that closely matches your needs
  4. Get the right advice from the right experts
    1. Reaching out to Moweb is a one-click process. Our experts will brainstorm on your idea, consider your market condition, competition, user-base, and all the other factors before helping you choose the ‘perfect’ web development framework. Talk to us now.

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Akash Chauhan

Angular has been gaining popularity lately as a powerful JavaScript framework. Can we consider angular for learning and businesses in 2023 ?

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Maximilian Burszley • Edited

Django and Flask both are Python-based frameworks for web development. You should choose Flask when you want to develop simple web apps that use NoSQL databases.

Not very accurate. Django is the batteries-included framework while Flask lets you pick what you need through extensions. Anywhere running Python web apps is likely running Flask somewhere since it's so lightweight and easy to get something running, even if it's not some production business-critical service. Django has been losing a lot of ground to Flask in recent years as it is easier to learn.

It's also confusing that your article mixes backend and frontend frameworks, but also randomly has jquery thrown in somewhere it doesn't belong (which seems to be quite common, so that's ironic).

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Thanks for the best post with good content in it and this will help us to choose a best web development framework.
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Easy Partner

Thank you for this article presenting the different web development frameworks