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Need Advice for AWS Associate Solutions Architect Certification

Mohammad Quanit
Software Engineer with 3.5 years of Experience Creating and Architecting Web Solutions for clients. Experienced in client and server-side JavaScript based tech-stacks.
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Hello Devs, I need suggestions from you guys. I am new to AWS and studying for its exam. My goal is to be an AWS associate solutions architect but I am confused about whether should I take a cloud practitioner exam as well or not. Some say that I should take it and some say that it's not mandatory. I need solid advice from you guys.

Thanks in advance

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David Ojeda

I recommend to focus only on the associate solutions architect exam. The cloud practicioner one is optional, and it covers only basic topics that you must learn for the associate exam anyway.

I went straight for the AWS Associate Solutions Architect certification and skipped the cloud practicioner one.

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Christopher Wavrin

If your goal is the associate’s certification, then I would just focus on that. The cloud practitioner is not mandatory. And seems a waste of time if that’s not your goal.

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