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7 Sources To Learn New Skills For Free

These free sources will certainly help you to learn and improve your skills. Here's the 7 free sources you can go to learn new skills for free.


Just choose a course, and apply for a financial fund, they give it all.


Many courses are free. They have almost every course you need to learn. (PS: You can also download pirated courses)

LinkedIn Learning

They teach very good and got a vast learning library. They offer 1-month free trial, and it's best, and recommended.


From DataCamp, you can learn Data Science, R, Python and much more for free.

They provide 2 months free through Microsoft Virtual Studio account.


You can audit some of the courses for free, but you won't get the certificate.


My most favorite to learn something new. It is fully free for students and gives up to 1 year free membership.

Highly recommended.


The information is raw and outstanding but its not organized. YouTube is still the best way to get started with learning for free.

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