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How to be a Productive Web Developer?

1. Use Frameworks

Frameworks are crucial for a Frontend Developer! Frameworks are the package of inbuilt templates, which we can use to build our own projects on top of it. Although learning a framework seems hard, the productivity is high.

2. Create a library of your code Snippets

This habit will increase your productivity at its peak! Any API or Code your write for a project will definitely be used in the other one. So, maintaining the library for your own code helps you to recycle the function and save a lot of time in debugging!

3. Write a blog of your own project

This can be your Buy 1, Get 1 Offer!

After any project or task, you made, you can write up a small blog of how you did it! This is a huge productive task as it helps you to understand the project more and also build a platform network for yourself from Blogs, YouTube, and so on...

4. Use Tools & Extensions

Tools and Extensions will help you to save time tremendously! There are plenty of browsers and IDE Extensions available to make the tasks simple and clean. And also, many tools to recreate or perform the function you wanted!

5. Learn & Master Git

Git & GitHub is one of the most powerful and life-saving tools for web developers! Upon mastering Git will help you to perform the wide dimensions in it and make your productivity level to the highest! Git can perform a task in seconds that takes unimaginable time without!

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