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A long pending to-do task - The Portfolio Website!!!

Since a long time I was contemplating on building a portfolio website. But, got stuck with frameworks, languages, tools, static site generators, content management system the list goes on and on... and the downward spiral began.

Procastination, indecisiveness, indecisiveness and the time passed by. What started as a question in 2018, remained a task in my head ever since. Finally, 2020. Check. Task done.

2 years to decide. 2 days to build. Sounds funny, right. This is a classic case of decision paralysis.

In all these 2 years. Time and again the thought of building the website used to strike my mind. I used to check out couple of options available, reach out to more people.
End result - confused.

Non-technical things I learned in the process:

  1. The more people you ask for an advice. The more confusing it gets. Each of us have our own reasons of preferring something over the other.

  2. My main purpose of building this was to showcase information that my resume does not effectively convey and is important. Spending days and nights on deciding the framework was pointless.

  3. Blogging on the same platform was never the idea. Half baked information and using the shiny new framework after thorough research. Would deviate me from the purpose of building the website.

  4. This is just a portfolio website. Thinking about often trending questions, and most talked about topic amongst developers "Scaling". There seems to be no such scenario where the traffic will spike.

  5. Uneccessary load on mind is not worth it. Time is limited.

  6. Person X used Gatsby, Person Y used Jekyll, Person Z used Hugo. Don't be tempted by others choices. Everyone has a different purpose to built. Mine was to put forth information, without missing out on anything.

  7. Animation - Might give a Wow feeling, but when wrongly done results in worst of its kind user experinece.

  8. Don't get lost amongst all the choices that are available. With small tasks like this one not directly affecting anyone. Just get the job done. Should be the first priority.

Technical things I learned while building it from scratch:

  1. Good way to get a hang of fundamentals. Good old HTML/CSS/JS.
  2. Decision making process. From design, frontend, backend, deployment. All throughout you'll have to make decisions at every step.
  3. Deployment.
  4. Integrating GraphQL API.

Website -

Ps: The site is not mobile responsive at the moment.
To get the results open it on laptop, chrome browser.

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