Hi, I'm Matt Lacey

mrlacey profile image Matt Lacey ・1 min read

I have been coding for what sometimes feels like too many years.

You can find me on GitHub as mrlacey

I live in the UK.

I work for myself.

I mostly program in C#.

I am currently learning more about Bots.

Nice to meet you.


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Peter Kim Frank

Hey Matt -- welcome! What specifically are you learning about in the bots space? I'm very interested in the "messaging ecosystem" myself, and would love to see more conversations here on the subject.

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Matt Lacey Author

Hi Peter
I'm particularly interested in them as a substitute for notification systems in "traditional" mobile apps.

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Peter Kim Frank

I think that use case makes a lot of sense. Saves a lot of context and makes input replies a lot more natural.

UBER: "Peter is arriving now, anything he should know about the pickup location?"

One of the more interesting companies in the messaging space, in my opinion, is Smooch.io. They're basically the "infrastructure layer" that bundles a bunch of different channels into one API. Check them out in case that's of any interest :)