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I've tested VPS from different providers with Geekbench and disk speed


Once in a while, I'm busy finding out if I should switch a provider with my projects. And this time, I spent some time and money on nine providers' small VPS "2CPU 4GB". Of course, most of them are more than VPS and provide much infrastructure.
But my stack is several VPS + Load balancer + S3 storage, so I'm not that demanding on options. Of course, I want a money/performance balance with a more significant weight on money.
The test was simple. It's just a Geekbench CPU test and copy files Disk test.

tar xf Geekbench-5.4.4-Linux.tar.gz
cd Geekbench-5.4.4-Linux/

dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/output conv=fdatasync bs=384k count=10k; rm -f /tmp/output
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I tested three times and computed an average score. I was not surprised about big Cloud providers. They are x2-x3 times expensive and are not providing the same performance. Mainly I was surprised by Google Cloud, where they give two threads instead of 2 CPUs.
Alwyzon is a small provider in Austria. I saw amazing scores online and wanted to test them by myself.
I'm currently using Digital Ocean, and I guess I will stay with it because Vultr has slow disks. I had a bad experience with OVH, and I'm not sure about the reliability of Hetzner.

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