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I got featured for my work with Tailwind CSS

I am thrilled to share that my open-source work got featured in Cooperpress's Node Weekly newsletter. Cooperpress newsletter is one of the most reputable, followed newsletters in the developer community with almost half a million subscribers. You can read the newsletter here.

I subscribed to Cooperpress a year ago. I remember at the time I thought what would one has to do in order to get featured in such newsletters. Hence, you can imagine my excitement when I got to know that it finally happened.

The funny part is someone who I don't know reached out to me on Facebook to let me know that hey you got featured.

node weekly featured

But why?

A month ago, I started dabbling with Tailwind and I totally loved it. But I hated the steps I had to go through in order to get started with it across different web apps. At the time, I thought I should just create a template repository with Next.js and React.js Tailwind integrated boilerplate.

The next day I thought why not just create a tool that can get me started with Tailwind and Next.js and React.js with a single command. And eventually, I started working on new-tailwind-app. One thing led to another and I expanded it to support almost all the frameworks that are in the documentation of Tailwind CSS.

Next steps

I am planning to integrate many different frameworks with the new-tailwind-app and also to included TypeScript support in the upcoming weeks. I am also planning to shape it in a way to make it a one-stop tool for developers which they can use to easily get started with Tailwind across many web frameworks.

I also wrote a piece about why here on explaining why I built this tool. You can read it here.

Cheerios 🤞🏻

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