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A Few Quick Tips About CyberSecurity for Teens

Have you ever mentioned cyber security and your audience thought of a hacker like what they see in movies ? Well the real truth Is that we all are targets of cyber crime and we all need cybersecurity follow along to learn how to be safe online.

1.Enjoy the Online space, whether its reading,playing video
games,exploring new tech,chatting etc

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However,If you are talking to someone , or visit sites online and they make you uncomfortable, remember you don’t have to talk back to them and you can always leave the site.

2.Do not give up your name and address information unless it’s from a trusted site. be keen also on the spelling of the trusted sites as some scammers may be posing as the legitimate site where as they are not.

3.Do not click on links blindly without knowing what they contain.An Example is you may just be reading an article online and suddenly you get a popup like :

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kindly don't click, there are no free gifts being offered online unless the vendor advertises them on their official site.In relation to this kindly stay away from this chained messages

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The people creating this chained messages are out to collect data which may be used for malicious attacks.
Incase your not sure kindly consult an adult or older sibling before clicking on this links.

4.Do not post pictures of your house or contact information including your location without your parents consent.
This may attract unnecessary attention and attract thieves to your house since the pictures may expose certain areas of interest and give them a clear view of planning their attack.

5.Do not agree to meet physically with people you've met online and if its really necessary to meet them consult your parents.This people may kidnap you and use the information you've shared during your interaction to extort your parents.They may also harass you physically and sexually.

6.When joining social media sites,it is advisable to keep your profile private and be cautious on who you add as your friend ,be respectful with your comments online and most importantly remember to share with care,Don't share anything that will hurt or embarass anyone.

For more information on types of cyber security threats and how to avoid them kindly visit:

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jvicmaina profile image
Victor Maina

Cyber security sounds fun. Telling people you can hack !cool 😎

sonylomo profile image
Sonia Lomo

I wish I knew some of this stuff earlier in life. Especially on the chained messages and free prizes, it never occurred to me that sb might be using it to track my data...😬😬

consolatacleah profile image
consolata gicheru

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I wish I knew this too but at least we have a chance to inform others