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Mohammed Samgan Khan
Mohammed Samgan Khan

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Any Laravel developer looking for a Job Opportunity in Dubai, UAE


This is to inform that our company is looking for a laravel developer with intermediate exp.

please DM or comment if interested, also can recommend someone.

PS: No relocation, strictly looking for candidates in UAE only.

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Michael Tharrington • Edited on

Hey there!

Submitting a job offering as an article isn't ideal as folks are generally expecting to read full posts with some actionable info or discourse (i.e. tutorials, editorials, tool lists ,etc).

However, DEV Listings is perfect for this. Consider sharing your sharing job Listings here - and perhaps you'll have better luck. Also, you might want to check out - for potential candidates to reach out to.

Hope this helps!

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Mohammed Samgan Khan Author

hey Michael,
thanks for the comment and I know about the listing, but to create a job listing it takes 25 credits and i don't have that much.

so its kinda better than nothing. though thanks for the for-hire part. I will definitely look in that might get some good output.

thanks, ones again.