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Michael Scharl

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Let's get started 🎉

It was at the beginning of 2018 when I started as a Senior Web Developer at a company that just expanded to Vienna and was looking for a new Development-Team. I was very surprised when I came in on my first day as a "Web Developer" and was asked if I knew how to do iOS-Apps with Swift. This was a very welcome surprise since I wanted to dig deeper into Swift and iOS-Development for some time. After that, I did some support work for active projects until the Team in Vienna was big enough to act on its own with our own Projects. At the moment we focus on developing Online-Shops and Shop-Like Apps for clients with an existing Inventory management software. An interesting and sometimes very challenging task.

My new job not only opened a lot of new possibilities but also offered me a lot more free time. After I settled in, I started to collect Ideas for side-projects but I never managed to start them and a lot of ideas were never written down. For 2019, this has to change!

This is, for now, the main reason I created an account on

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I want to create some kind of Developer-Dairy where I collect ideas and share experiences with anyone how is interested. In the worst case, I have at least a place to write everything down.

I'll try my best to write on a regular basis. I'm planning about once a week which sounds very doable. But then again, I tried this for a long time now and have never been successful 😅

I strongly hope that this only happened because I was using the wrong platform. But only time will tell.

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