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Hello World again

Hello World

yes, only those two words that I can write
I can write more code, but to write an article or just a line of caption why is it so hard and frustrating. of course this will be an obstacle in communicating with the public or clients who need a clear explanation.

if any of you are experiencing the same thing as me, do not be sad. We are the same. ha ha. and if any of you want to show, guide and teach how, I will be very happy and grateful.

in many articles about "How to Begin Writing" even confuses me step by step such as creating concepts, language structures, proper word selection, inter-sentence relationships ... while good concepts like what kind of language structure is like. so have to search first, browse again and again .. then when to start writing it ???? leave it.

let's write, write and write, keep writing, write again. what is written? what we have in mind, what we know ... can begin with definitions, like "what is a cup"
we can write, "cup is a cylindrical thing made of glass, useful as a place for water to drink",
"the mouse is the object we use to move the cursor on the computer",
"mice are an annoying animal, who eat what's in our house"
"boyfriend is someone who if we near him will make us happy",
"money can make us happy because with money we can have the goods we want",
"hello word's are two words that can make us happy, because it means our code is running, our program is successful, 'yeeeaah ... i am programmer now'"
and can still grow again as we think, what we see, what we feel ..

sory for my english

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