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Muhammad Shahzaib
Muhammad Shahzaib

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Hi, I'm Shahzaib from Pakistan..

This is my first post so I will be introducing myself as a custom. Here we go. My name is Muhammad Shahzaib, born in Karachi, Pakistan.

Right now Iam 19 years old and a Full Stack Developer with Cloud Native experience. When I was of about 14 I started learning Adobe Photoshop and from there dive in to Web and Mobile Development.

I mostly program in JavaScript and Python.
React and React-Native are my favourite .
Always stucked between GCP and AWS .
I am currently learning AI (machine learning & deep learning) and ChatBots.

that's it


See you on the next post.
Thanks Alot.

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kiransiluveru profile image

Hi Muhammad Shahzaib
I have doubt
What is server side rendering here could you explain with an example? especially when it comes to react app