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What Magento Trends Should Web Users And Brands Be Aware Of?

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Web development and Magento development have begun to intersect in a number of ways. Now that the Magneto user base is steadily growing, there are also a wide range of trends that Web users and brands need to be aware of. After a sterling 2018, Magento development will only continue to take on a greater level of importance to Web users and brands in 2019 and beyond.

So what are the trends that are most important? Expectations are high and those who are looking to get the most out of Magento development or simply educate themselves for usage purposes would do well to check out the following guide. Let's take a closer look at the trends and improvements that are going to made to the Magento platform.

Adobe Acquisition

As most readers already know, Magento was acquired by Adobe last spring. So how is this acquisition going to affect Web users and web development? The eCommerce platform was acquired in hopes of providing Adobe users with all of the benefits that are associated with Magento. When it comes to the analytics tools, advertising and marketing that Adobe can already provide, this acquisition is only expected to make the company even stronger.

Magento's Eye Towards The Future

Magento development has always been forward thinking and now the platform is being recognized for it. When Gartner realized their 2018 Magic Quadrant rankings, Magento was at the top of the list, next to some of the biggest names in the business.

The reason for this recognition is a simple one: Magento has an eye towards the future. Even top web development companies must share space in the leader quadrant with Magento. Thanks to Magento's eye for detail and their willingness to equip to complement their current platforms with additional offerings, users and brands benefit immensely.

CPQ, social selling, B2B commerce, order management and business intelligence are just some of the tools that have already been added. This type of innovation is what is allowing the platform to gain more and more notice. Magento is all about ensuring a brighter future for users and brands alike.

Akeneo Partnership

This partnership has been music to the ears of Magento users and brands that are looking for Web related assistance. The cloud version and the open source version of Akeneo are both compatible with Magento. Thanks to this partnership, Magento is able to shore up certain deficiencies and strengthen the platform even further.

Product information management used to be an area of concern for web development professionals considering Magento for the brands that they work with. With Akeneo on board, this is an issue that is now eliminated. Magento realized that this gap needed to be closed. Akeneo will assist the platform with organizational concerns and provide the tools for the centralization of product data distribution.

Greater Usage of Artificial Intelligence

Magento analytics are constantly improving. Thanks to the aforementioned Adobe partnership, Web users and brands who are considering Magento can enjoy a far more intelligent platform. Predictive analytics is just one of the many areas of expertise that Adobe has to offer. Artificial intelligence is also key.

Predictive analytics may seem like a distant trend but the top platforms are preparing themselves now. In depth analytic tools have already been added to the Magento platform. By adapting artificial intelligence provided by Adobe, the platform's ability to garner insights about users will reach a whole new level.

Greater Levels of User Friendliness

Web development is all about placing a brand in a position to succeed. Thanks to the Adobe partnership, the level of user friendliness is only going to increase. Adobe is going to provide Magento users with a content management system that is experience driven. This creates an interface that is more user friendly and will drive future interest in the eCommerce platform.

B2B Marketing Engagement

While there has been plenty of discussion about all of the ways that Adobe is going to help Magento, the eCommerce platform also has strengths to share. Lead management and account based marketing is improved with the use of Marketo. The partnership allows for Marketo and Magento to come together.

This creates an easier solution for those who exist in the B2B marketing niche. Holistic solutions are needed. The platform is now able to target revenue growth by learning more about the proper aligning of a brand's marketing initiatives. Revenue growth is great but marketing initiatives must be correctly aligned with target areas first.

Greater Connectivity With Online Marketplaces

When it comes to online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, connectivity is key for any eCommerce platform. Now that Magento has released their own marketplace module, the process of connecting to these platforms has never been easier. This is a major plus for all Web users and brands that are looking to get the most out of their web development process. Amazon connectivity has already been ensured and other marketplace channels are expected to follow suit.

Wal-Mart and eBay are next on the list and Magento users can expect to see integration taking place by year's end. For brands that are currently looking to increase their level of reach without increasing their spending, this is a huge victory. If the products are sold on Amazon or eBay, the aforementioned module holds the built in pricing. This certainly makes life much simpler for all of the parties that are involved.

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