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SSL Expiry Reminder 🔔

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SSL Expiry Reminder - Get Notification remainder on Telegram and Gotify Push Notification Server

➡ Mostly we are all using Free Let's Encrypt SSL service but sometimes it's Failed to renew Even Sometimes we forget SSL renewal date of our Paid SSL too

➡ usually, it sends Reminder to our Register Email-id but Sometimes we forget to check the Mail

➡ I got an idea to develop a CLI for Sending SSL Expiry Date Notification Alert on Telegram (Via Bot) and Gotify Push Notification Alert

➡ it was written in Javascript and axios for Call the API
➡ Here is the Github Repository of My Script - https://github.com/mskian/ssl-expiry-reminder

➡ Install via NPM

npm install -g ssl-expiry-reminder

➡ Test the CLI

checkssl --status example.com
Certificate Valid from
Wednesday, November 28, 2018 5:30 AM
Certificate Expiry date
Wednesday, December 2, 2020 5:30 PM
Days Remaining: 386


Gotify Push


Telegram Push

➡ Currently It supports

  • Telegram BOT Notification
  • Gotify Push Notification
  • Pushbullet - Planned
  • Email - Planned

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Hah this is a simple yet useful idea :)

Alternatively you can use tools like Stormkit or Netlify to host your websites and they manage the SSL automagically for you.