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Magnus Skog
Magnus Skog

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Goals for 2019

I've seen many people posting their goals on their blogs so I thought I'd do the same with my software development and professional goals for 2019.

Complete 6 courses on Udemy

I've been using Udemy for quite some time now and I find it both easy and helpful. For 2019 I picked out 6 interested courses that I will make sure to finish:

Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide

I know React but very little about Vue. This seemed like a great place to start. The new Vue CLI 3 looks cool with a UI built in and I find it intriguing that Vue can operate on the HTML that you already have in the DOM. Perhaps Vue can be used in an existing application instead of replacing things like components like you have to do in React?

Advanced CSS and Sass

Design is not one of my strong skills so I thought that this course is a good way to learn more. I also bought the book from RefactoringUi that I will read in 2019.

Go: The complete developer's guide

All I know is dynamic languages, some Java and a tiny bit of Crystal. I want to learn a language that I can use when I have the need for speed.

The Rust programming language

People really do love Rust. Maybe I will as well?

Complete C# Unity Developer 2D

Learn about C# while making games in the Unity engine? 3 excellent things in one large package? Excellent

Understanding TypeScript

I don't understand TypeScript. After this I will? People keep raving about it so there must be something there.

If you know of any other great courses on Udemy then please feel free to email me or @me on Twitter

Read 12 non-fiction books

I've always wanted to read more so if I commit to it I might just be able to pull it off this year. I'm currently reading It doesn't have to be crazy at work and that is excellent so far.

Read 12 fiction books

As above. More reading! I'm currently reading The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin. It is the second book in the series and I can highly recommend it if you like science fiction.

Launch and/or release 4 side projects

I always start things that I don't finish and I have quite the pile of unfinished things. This year I commit to finishing at least 4. The first one will be a website involving video games written in Elixir and the second one will probably be a better way to deal with having a lot of newsletters to read. I will of course open source as much as I can.

Write 12 entries in this blog(not including this entry)

As with the projects above I also have several drafts that I don't finish. This year I will. For example I a post about the performance issues of Docker on Mac, a huge list of performance tips for Ruby on Rails and a review of the new block storage on Hetzner. Stay tuned!


  • Make a nice looking CV for use in print and online
  • Create a portfolio page
  • Try using a Pi-Hole
  • Go through the basic guide on Headspace

Finally I thought I'd include on of my personal goals which is to learn how to play the guitar. Most of my hobbies involve computers so I thought it'd be nice to have something that doesn't. I have absolutely no idea how far I'll get in a year but I'm going to commit to spending at least 30 minutes a day practicing it.

Ultimate goal for 2019 2020 2029

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Kingsten Banh

Awesome goals! I believe you will achieve them all :D