My Scanty Angular Knowledge from GADs Project

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My final GADs project is building an album store product page in angular. Just so you know the only thing I know about angular is that its a framework. I'm learning on the job though. Today's post is about the scanty knowledge I've gathered so far.

Service class

I created a service class today, but what is a service class?

A service in angular handles data allowing it to be shared among components.

Components shouldn't fetch or save data directly and they certainly shouldn't knowingly present fake data. They should focus on presenting data and delegate data access to a service.
Angular documentation

Command used to create a service class:

ng generate service product

Declaring public and private Class properties

Private properties

 private _albumUrl = string;

Public properties

public name: string;

To access properties in a class you use this keyword:


In the class when we refer to one of the members of the class we prepend this.. This denotes that it’s a member access.
Typescript handbook

Declaring Class Methods

getAlbum() { }

It is an interesting ride, is should probably find a crach course on Angular.

Adding a return type to a function.

 getAlbum(id: number):Album{}
//Where Ablum is an interface


Observable are just things you wish to observe and take action on.
Angular and Observable by Bhatt Ami

 getAlbum(id: number):Observable<Album> {}


Changing or converting types

That's it for day 75
Let's do this again tomorrow

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