The Diversion: SCAMP Assesment

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The wave of life today blew me to a technical assessment for an application at SCA (She Codes Africa). I'll be putting my habits projects on hold to tackle the assessment. Its part of an application process to secure mentorship. I'm not betting on getting in (my relationship with Essays is pretty complicated😬, and ofcourse applications never miss essays!) but I'm definetly attempting the assessment. I like a challenge that forces me to learn on a deadline. Here is the challenge.

I need a working API whose functionality is almost similar to the habits API i've been working on. And so I'll not dive into the nitty-gritty of it. The process in a nutshell is:

  • Instialize npm
  • Install and create a new Express application
  • Install setup up node nodemon
  • Install mongoose and create a database connection
  • Set up a port and listen for connections
  • Set up a router and routes
  • Handle the get and post requests
  • Set up middleware to get product by id.
  • Handle put, patch and delete requests.
  • Test on postman.

And all that was todays work.The API is up add running, i suppose thats the easy bit. The next bit will need some serious googling/trail and error. Until then I'm calling it a day!

Day 21

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