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JavaScriptmas, my first daily JS challenge

I always considered Javascript and informatics in general something very difficult that only a small majority of people can understand, but Scrimba made me feel like that's not the case, because of their interactive courses and hands-on approach to everything no matter how small it may have been in the bigger picture of a programming language.

This daily challenge made me feel smart (for the most part 😵) and it made javascript look if not simple at least reachable through projects, perseveration, and hard work, so for that, I give my best wishes to the Scrimba team for making this possible and a happy JavaScriptmas to everyone!

Here are my solutions:

Day 1: Candies
Day 2: Deposit Profit
Day 3: Chunky Monkey
Day 4: Century From Year
Day 5: Reverse a String
Day 6: Sort by Length
Day 7: Count Vowel Consonant
Day 8: The Rolling Dice
Day 9: Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers
Day 10: Adjacent Elements Product
Day 11: Avoid Obstacles
Day 12: Valid Time
Day 13: Extract Each Kth
Day 14: Maximal Adjacent Difference
Day 15: Carousel
Day 16: Insert Dashes
Day 17: Different Symbols Naive
Day 18: Array Previous Less
Day 19: Alphabet Subsequence
Day 20: Domain Type
Day 21: Sum Of Two
Day 22: Extract Matrix Column
Day 23: Social Media Input
Day 24: Test Your Agility

PS: My favorite challenge was the Rolling Dice and the hardest challenges for me were: Avoid Obstacles and Test Your Agility.

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