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11 Must Have Features in eCommerce Mobile App

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Mobile E-commerce is at its peak leading towards increased demands of e-commerce mobile apps. Everyone finds their comfort in buying products online and making easy online payments. Ecommerce apps and smartphones have influenced the buying habits of all people. As per survey

62% of Smartphone users made an online purchase using their mobile device in the last 6 months.
80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside of a physical store to check the product reviews, compare the prices, or find alternative store locations.
In 2016, online shopping was up by 45%.
This means that eCommerce stores will see more sales than an online store. Here are a few features that will enhance your online presence and attract more customers.

Must have eCommerce Mobile App Features

1.     Easy Registration Process

You must have a simple and easy registration process. With everything being so easy today, having a long and difficult registration process is something customers will not like. If your app demands too much information then your users will lose their interest.

2.     Supports Multiple Payment Options

You may come across a customer who wants to some items from your app, but if he is not able to find the payment options he usually uses, hence he will leave the process incomplete. This will bring a drop in your sales. Hence having an app that has all the payment options will help to increase your sales.

3.     Push Notifications

Push Notification is an important feature for the success of an ecommerce mobile app. Push Notification enhances customer engagement as it tells the users about promotions, offers, and special discounts. This will help to scale up your sales and get you better profits.

4.     Custom Branding

Create ecommerce Android or iOS app that has your brand logo and uses specific color combinations that reflects your brand all at a nominal cost. You can also add some great features like product listing; add products into carts, unique checkout, and a lot more.

5.     Social Media Integration

Whatever features you add, having social media integrated will allow users easy login and registration. Not only this, but integrating social media will allow them to share your app offers or may be some of their achievements on different social media platforms.

6.     Complete Synchronization

It gets very tedious at times when you have to make changes in the app and the website differently. Having your app synchronized with the website automatically makes the changes in the app that you make in the website. It saves a lot of time.

7.     Google Analytics

If you want to measure your app’s full value then you then you must have Google Analytics for your ecommerce app. It will help in finding out what users are more attracted to and what they are buying more & why, helping you to make your app successful in this tough competition.

8.     Amazing User Experience

There are ample of apps already in the market. If you want your users to be satisfied with your app, then you have given your users an amazing experience. They should find your features and the experience unique. For your app to stand out from the competition it is important that you provide them value for their time and money by giving them solutions to their issues, improved efficiency and many more.

9.     Review & Rating

You should allow your customers to review and rate your app and its features. The products and services you are offering cannot always be positive, so if some customers have negative feedbacks then do not hesitate to display, it will not have a negative effect, rather the opposite one. If there are only positive feedbacks then people will know that you are trying to mislead them.

10. Wish List Button

This very important feature should not be ignored. Those who have enable d this feature are losing on the revenue. It is a way to bookmark items you wish to buy later. This also allows you to notify them if there are any offers on the same product in the future. Therefore, your ecommerce mobile app should have this feature.

11. Easy Checkout

There should always be an easy check out process. It allows the users to complete the order with minimum required information from their check out profile selecting the shipping address and adding the shipping charges if applicable. They do not have to wait long for this, hence enabling more sales.

These above features are few of the many that an app should have to be successful and increase sales.

There are various platforms in the market providing all such advanced features for the App. Magento mobile app platform is one such advanced ecommerce platform that provides high flexibility and scalability to build customized app design along with the Top App Features mentioned above.


A successful ecommerce mobile app is not only about the technology but also about the features you offer to your users. Mobile apps are created to enhance business growth and to give your users an amazing shopping experience. Hence, having a mobile app with unique features and easy navigation will always be successful in the market.

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shalinipanchal7 profile image
ShaliniPanchal • Edited

Thanks for sharing impressive features for an eCommerce mobile app development . You have written every necessary function which can use for every e-commerce application. They are also very efficient to use but few of them are still missing which I would like to add.... here...

• Authoritative and Relevant App Content features
• Customer Care Support & feedback option for e-commerce mobile app
• Navigation for Product which ordered by customer eg. Flipkart, Amazon.
• Visual Research

If you are good to explore more about e-commerce mobile app development with visual search, then you can refer this blog which helps you out for the same. The Next Phase Of E-commerce Development With Visual Search

aetvisha profile image
Tvisha Technologies

Thanks, Mudra for sharing such an informative article about what features to consider when developing eCommerce Mobile App. I believe Social Media Integration is really important since it allows you to understand more your client

amit-makhija30 profile image
Amit Makhija • Edited

Thanks Mudra, for sharing the important list of features for an e-commerce mobile app.

Although you have mentioned some of the necessary features, still i would like to add a few more features that must be included while building an e-commerce mobile app. Those features are,

1) Easy Product Navigation
2) Real-time Order Tracking
3) Live Chat Support
4) Augmented Reality View

richwashington1 profile image
Rich Washington

Magento mobile app builder gives you all the flexibility without the headache of developing your application from the ground up.

digitalinfoways_6 profile image
Digital Infoways

Thank you for sharing such informative features of Mobile app. Now a days the features are playing a vital role in the mobile apps. As well as the digital marketing services also important in every business or in the market. If any one want to know more about Digital Marketing Services

erickrowan2 profile image

Great article. Augmented reality is the next step in e-commerce mobile apps. Know about features of e-commerce mobile apps.

erickrowan2 profile image

Absolutely great info. Ecommerce mobile app is the best for online business right now.

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