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Ricardo Moreira
Ricardo Moreira

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Web sustainability - Benefits and Resources

I love to create websites and products, but I also need that the customers love their product because in the end is for them.

Deciding to go to a more sustainable approach can be trickier when talking to a customer and some benefits are necessary to be said. Also because sustainability as a whole sometimes is not explained in a way that people want to take action. Or because It’s (or one might think it is) difficult to implement, understand, or too expensive.

So let’s talk about the benefits of a more sustainable website:

  • Reduce Video Calls – Yes this is not so much as a website itself but indirectly it affects. By reducing the number of video calls, not only your co-workers are more productive but also happier. And yes it’s good for the environment.
  • I talk about this before but better performance leads to better SEO. With better SEO, your chances of having more and better customers grow.
  • By focusing on the content and in the user, you create a better user experience and of course a more happy client.
  • Branding. There is no way to deny it but being sustainable is trendy and creating a business and a website that is also focused on sustainability is good for your brand, therefore is good for your business.
  • Faster websites. We have all been there. You go to a website, it takes centuries to load (in this century equals 3 seconds) and we just go to a different website. If your website is faster you have more chances for your customer to hold into your website.

I hope these benefits have made you at least thinking about having a better approach towards web sustainability. If not think that all these benefits bring more benefits and the sooner you apply some of the solutions said before the faster you are on the right track.


  1. Sustainable Web Manifesto – Read, sign it and start making part of the solution
  2. One percent – One percent at the time
  3. Mightybytes – Digital Agency and Certified B Corp committed to sustainability  
  4. Ecograder – How green is your website
  5. Website Carbon Calculator – How your website is measuring the planet?
  6. Green Web Foundation – Green hosts around the world
  7. Books – Sustainable Web Design and Designing for Sustainability

If you have more resources than you know feel free to share them and we all win something out of it.

Say tuned and follow the ride.

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