Anyone using VIM here?

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Anyone using VIM here?

I'd like to write a post about The Power of VIM + VSCode.

Have been using it for about 2 years+ now. Mostly for web development, JS and friends. So far have been extremely useful for me.

I'd like to do a quick survey. How many people use / doesn't use VIM here ? 🀚🏻

Update: I am compiling a post about VSCode + Vim Tips and Tricks here

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I don't really use VIM all that much. Still a student, use it mostly when working though ssh or other type of terminal connections.
Do like it, but always end up using other text editors; not really IDEs but simple text editors.
Mostly because of the learning curve I suppose.


I know my way around VIM, would love to hear how you (successfully) integrate it in Visual Studio Code... or tips to go full-vim with all the features of Visual Studio Code...


Just posted a little tips here about using vscode with vim. . I'll try to update it frequently

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