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HTTP Methods in 2 minutes

A resource or web page can be specified from the URL. However, this URL specifies what we want to do on the web server with the HTTP methods. These are also called command verbs. Because these indicate the client server - what to do.

This Methods are..

  1. Get - This method is used when we want to read a resource or web page from a web server.

  2. POST -
    We not only read resources from web servers all the time, we also create new resources a lot of the time. This method is used if you want to create a new resource. In this case the body is also connected with the start line and header of the HTTP message. Simply put, this method is used when sending data from client to server.

  3. *PUT *-
    This method is used to modify any resource on the web server.

  4. DELETE -
    This method is used to delete any information or resources on a web server.

In addition to the above four methods, there are several other methods (about 39 including 4), but they are not very common.

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