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Mukul Rajpoot
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Complete Authentication using firebase

Hello guys 👋,

I made a complete authentication module using firebase. Frontend is built using next.js and database I'm using is mongoDB.

It also have user email-verification and password-reset functionality. I made this app to learn about how to export firebase user data to another database like mongodb.

Some Screenshot

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Image description

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How to setup

Step 1: Clone project from here

Step 2: Run npm install to install dependencies

Step 3: Create a firebase project and mongoDB cluster.

Step 4: Generate a .env file and add your firebase and mongodb uri in that file.

Step 5: Setup your service account on firebase and generate a new private key and add them in your env file.

Step 6: You are good to go. 😎

Deployed Link: Live Link
Github Link: GitHub

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