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4 Key Aspects for Small Businesses and Startup Making Business Apps Personified

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqi
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Businesses look for an app that can work wonders for them but do not know how to make it exciting enough for the end-users.

Virtually every company aspires for an app that can complement its product or service perfectly. That is why you will find millions of apps on Google Play and the App Store, but have you tried even one percent of them? Certainly not. The main reason is not their incompetence but rather the abundance of the apps.

There are great apps available on both Google Play and the App Store, but a person cannot download hundreds or thousands of apps on a single device. That is why most of us, on average, use 10 to 20 apps. So, what can be the secret behind the success of the most popular apps in the UAE or any other part of the world? And what can small businesses and startups do to make things in their favor?

Check out the following four aspects that can work for most businesses if applied with vigor and dedication.

1. Focusing on Core Features

Businesses must ensure that their app focuses on the features that can be termed as unique rather than just the user experience and design. Although UI and UX are also important, several factors make the features more important than any other aspect of mobile app development. Marathi must be known in the market due to its strong and unique features that are not available in any other App.

The aspects mentioned above can be one factor that can make an app work. Even if you go for paid advertising and App Store Optimization (ASO), there are bright chances that not everyone would like your app as much as you would have wished for. The reason is simple: everyone looks for a feature that offers them an option that no other app can offer. If you can solve a long pending problem of your potential customer, we will stick to your app for several years to come.

Do not think that you have to offer several dozen features and options to lure your target audience. It is all about providing an app to your end users worthy of download and works wonders for them. But to offer great features, you have to research hard and dig deep into the minds of people interested in your product. Only then can you provide them with a great feature that they will cherish for many years. And word of mouth will also favor you, as everyone will certainly recommend your app to several people in their social circle.

2. Personalization Option

The personal preferences of every person can be very different from one another. Even when we play a game, some of us like some features which an overwhelming majority never used. But we are fond of it anyway. Similarly, there can be a future and option on your app that offers your end-users lots of flexibility. So, with a personalization option in your app, you can offer the users making the most of that particular option they like. And that is how they can optimally use your app.

With personalization, you can also offer your users a tweak or change the appearance of your app. I am not talking about a 360-degree change but just a subtle one that can make it worth the installation. Always remember that all your users have lots of options when it comes to mobile apps. And certainly, thousands of apps in your category are also available. So, you have to give them a USP, which is the unique selling proposition for your app, so that they will prefer yours over the others.

A personalized experience always makes users happy and content with the app. And I once again emphasize that you have to make the factor count; otherwise, there are many other apps that your target audience can install.

3. Social Media Integration

Messaging and gaming apps mostly have the features of making an app integrating with social media. Remember the last time you shared your high score with your friends on Facebook, and one of them broke your record in the next few hours. Situations like this happen all the time and are a great activity, so the popularity of any app soars high.

Similarly, every app must have these features of integrating with social media. It is all about interaction as we all Like to stay in touch with our friends and relatives. Sharing the information about a great new app and a marvelous feature that you think will help one of your friends will be easier if your app has a simple button. So, by just a single touch, a user can share that feature with his friend, and he can install your app within a few minutes.

This seemingly simple feature can help your end-users, and your app will end up with several new customers. And needless to say, this change will go on and on. That is one easy way to make any app work for you, as word of mouth is the fastest and free way of marketing. Other areas of integration can also be looked upon, like using Facebook through your app while it is running so that your user will come back to the app so that the session continues.

4. Peak Performance

After taking care of everything, in the end, it is all about peak performance. Certain aspects can make the performance of the apps so lethargic. And sure that everything works seamlessly so that the uses of your App get a smooth experience. Even a minor hiccup or lag in the performance can lead to frustration. We all are accustomed to using apps that work fine. So, if your app's performance is not cent percent, you will quickly start to lose customers.

Many apps try to monetize themselves by using ads, which is a good way to get your investment bank. But it is very annoying for the users as, after every few minutes, an ad pops up and fills the screen. Sometimes there is no option to close the ad as it automatically disappears after a few seconds. Although many free apps use these ads, as you are marketing your product or service, this can be seen negatively by your target market.

To ensure your preference is at its peak, you need exceptional support from an expert mobile app development company UAE for the best results.

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