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10 Top Software Testing Companies India 2021

Software testing with time has turned to be a well-defined software sustainability practice that has helped streamline everything on the web from applications to websites to web apps and software. Looking at the ever-growing competition and frequency of launches for new technologies, software testing has emerged as a boon for all the development companies that want to rule the market with better product features, performance, and overall security.

Nevertheless, when it comes to finding the top software testing companies in India, finding the right testing partner usually turns into a big-time hassle. After all, it is extremely crucial for any software development company to establish the highest benchmarks on QA assessments. These assessments not only help with bug fixing but attain the optimum performance requirements and functionalities.

Moreover, the testing process involves rerunning the software for every error which is resolved to ensure a smooth end-user journey. The process is usually continued until the application code is free from bugs and runs as per the defined objectives.

However, the growing need for technology has equally pushed the establishment of software testing firms in India making it much more difficult to decide the perfect testing service provider. But to make the find easy, we bring you a list of 10 top software testing companies in India that have managed to meet the highest standards of customer services through quality, technical know-how, flexibility, and have achieved extensive recognition.

List of 10 Most Promising Software Testing Companies in India

  1. BugRaptors
  2. Qualitest
  3. Impact QA
  4. QA Mentor
  5. Kiwi QA
  6. Test Scenario
  7. DeviQA
  8. Quality Logic
  9. QA Source
  10. A1 QA


Established in 2016, BugRaptors is an independent software testing company that brings the legacy of Seasia Group that comes with a CMMi Level 5 certification. Headquartered in India and the US, BugRaptors owns ISO 9001:2018 and ISO 27001 certifications making it one of the best QA consulting and testing services providers across the globe. BugRaptors has a team of 250+ ISTQB certified experts who with their expertise have helped several Fortune 500 companies and SMEs. BugRaptors brings you 100 percent flexibility and the promise to reduce the market time by more than 30 percent.

In a small span of 5 years, BugRaptors has experience serving 1000+ clients across the globe. The brand has expanded its physical presence across multiple global locations like Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and India, and the United States. They have their very own testing innovations that include automation frameworks like Swift and MoboRaptors, along with world-class mobile testing facilities that provide testing support on over 100+ physical devices. Above all, the brand is a multiple award-winner for its quality services and has been recognized as a top brand by Clutch, Manifest, Software Testing Help, and many other magazines.

Services Offered

Standard QA Services

  • Manual Testing Services
  • Functional Testing Services
  • Compatibility Testing Services
  • User Acceptance Testing Services

Mobile Testing Services

  • Web Testing Services
  • Game Testing Services
  • Regression Testing Services
  • Usability Testing Services

Specialized QA Services

Automation Testing Services

  • Mobile Test Automation Services
  • Web Test Automation Services
  • Selenium Testing Services

Security Testing Services

Big Data Testing Services

Cloud Testing Services

ERP Testing Services

  • CRM Testing Services
  • SAP Testing Services

Performance Testing Services

  • Jmeter Testing

Agile And DevOps Testing Services

Salesforce Testing Services

Blockchain Testing Services

AI & ML Testing Services

IoT Testing Services

Compliance With GDPR

Test Advisory Services

  • TCOE Setup (Test Center of Excellence)
  • Tool Feasibility Services

Other Services

  • Datawarehouse And ETL Testing Services
  • Localization & Globalization Testing
  • API Testing Services


Qualitest is the top and the world’s largest quality assurance and testing solutions provider company. It is an independent services provider and a strategic partner that helps brands to explore the dimensions beyond functional testing through advanced automation, AI, and UX testing techniques.

Besides, the brand is known for serving diverse verticals including finance, insurance, media, retail, entertainment, gaming, telecom, etc. The brand is known for leading innovations and digital transformations making its way into Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application testing with its global delivery centers in India, Israel, Romania, United States, and the UK.

Services Offered

  • Managed Testing Services
  • Project-Based Testing
  • Managed Crowd Testing
  • Risk-Based Testing
  • Scaled Agile Solutions
  • QA Readiness
  • Storm Readiness Testing
  • Load Testing
  • App Performance Testing
  • Cyber Security Testing

Impact QA

ImpactQA is an independent software testing & QA service provider helping organizations with digital transformations. It is a globally established and recognized brand that is leading the industry for over a decade. The company has experience of serving Fortune 500 companies as well as extensive number of SMEs. Impact QA has its headquarters in New York City and manages its operations from Dallas, Germany, India, London, and Munich. More importantly, they have an in-house team of highly proficient experts who have served over 250+ clients.

Services Offered:

Quality Assurance

  • Functional Testing, Test Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Usability Testing

Quality Engineering

  • Performance Engineering
  • API Testing
  • ERP Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • DevOps Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Medical Device Testing

QA Consulting

  • QA Consulting
  • QA Outsourcing
  • Digital Assurance
  • Dedicated QA Team

Next-Gen Testing

  • IoT Testing
  • AI/ML Testing
  • Blockchain App Testing

QA Mentor

QA Mentor is another award-winning brand that comes with CMMI level 3 certification as well as ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 20000-1. The software testing company is based in New York and has more than 270+ QA professionals serving from 8 different global locations to meet the needs of clients from different time zones. QA mentor is a leader in the quality assurance and testing space with experience of serving startups as well as some Fortune 500 brands.

Services Offered

Core QA Services

  • Manual Test Design & Execution
  • QA Performance & Capacity Planning
  • QA Performance Engineering & Optimization
  • QA Recruitment & Staffing
  • QA Lab Compatibility
  • Security Testing Services
  • iOS App Testing Services
  • Android Testing Services

Unique QA Services

  • QA Candidate Interview Assessment
  • Advisory Support Subscription
  • Application Architecture Inspection
  • QA Environment Management
  • Test Data Management
  • Static Testing & Inspection Artifacts
  • Testing in Your Time Zone
  • Data Warehouse and ETL Testing

On-Demand QA Services

  • Test Design on Demand
  • Testing Execution on Demand
  • QA Manager on Demand
  • Crowdsourced Testing
  • Regression Testing Execution Factory
  • QA Technical Writing
  • QA Training and Seminars
  • Free Website Verification Testing
  • CRM Testing

Strategic QA Services

  • Agile QA
  • QA Audit and Process Improvement
  • TCOE Establishment
  • Test Cases Coverage Review

Automation QA Services

  • Automation Tool Expert
  • Test Automation Framework Design

Business Process Management

  • Business Analysis & Requirement Engineering
  • Business Assurance Testing
  • BA CoE Establishment
  • BA Recruitment & Staffing

Robotic Process Automation Services

  • Robotic Process Automation Services
  • Robotic Test Automation
  • Robotic Application Monitoring
  • BOT Store
  • RPA CoE Set Up
  • BOT Audit

Kiwi QA

Based in Australia, KiwiQA is a quality-focused brand that brings its knowledge-centric approach to its testing and QA solutions for diverse industry domains. There primary focus area is risk management solutions and the brand is dedicated to aligning with world-class testing and quality goals.

Services Offered:

  • Automation Testing
  • Code Verification
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Crowd Testing
  • Game Testing

Manual Testing

  • API Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Website Application Testing

Mobile Testing

Performance Testing

Security Testing

  • Penetration Testing


Established in 2014, Testscenario is a brand that offers a diverse range of QA services. The brand has been known for serving a diverse range of customers offering the highest quality of software testing and QA services. With over 5+ years of experience in the industry, the brand aims at quality improvement through software testing best practices. At present, they have worked on more than 150+ mobile testing application projects and more than 60 web and desktop testing projects have been brought to success.

Services Offered:

Manual Testing

  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Beta testing
  • System testing
  • Performance & load testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Functional testing
  • GUI testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Exploratory testing

Mobile App Testing

Web App Testing

  • E-commerce
  • POS
  • SaaS
  • Digital Content
  • Health Care
  • CMS System
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Desktop App Testing

Automation Testing

  • Mobile App Testing
  • Android App Testing
  • iOS App Testing
  • Web App Testing
  • API App Testing

Load & Performance Testing

API Testing

  • SOAP and REST API Testing


Started with the objective of gathering a team of smart and qualified QA experts, DeviQA is one of the top 10 QA companies in India offering all types of QA services in one place. Initially began with automated testing, it now provides a wide range of testing services to its clients, the brand has managed to gather a large number of clients while making a team of 100+ professionals and have a client list of 500+ names.

Services Offered

  • Automated Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • API Testing
  • DevOps
  • Dedicated QA Team
  • Mobile Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Full Cycle Testing
  • QA Outsourcing
  • Web Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • QA Consulting
  • Mobile Automation Testing

Quality Logic

Quality Logic is one of the top software testing brands and the primary choice of those looking for QA support. The brand has managed to attain leading B2B ratings and reviews from Clutch making its way into the top 10 software testing provider companies in their annual global leader’s list. The brand offers extensive industry expertise and a rich customer base only because of its excellence in software testing services.

Services Offered:

Software Testing Services

Automation Testing Services

  • Mobile Apps
  • Websites and Web Apps
  • OTT & Streaming Media
  • Smart Energy Standards
  • Big Data Analytics & Telemetry
  • API Testing
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Testing
  • ECommerce
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Print Systems
  • Fax & Fax over IP Testing

Test Solutions

  • Functional Testing
  • Test Automation Services
  • Usability Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • WCAG Compliance Testing & Certification
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • QA Test Tools
  • Agile QA
  • Test & Technology Training

QA Source

Established in 2002, QA Source is a leading software engineering and QA brand that provides a full suite of QA testing services to help faster product releases. The company has a total strength of 800+ QA engineering experts providing offshore as well as nearshore assistance to its clients. Over the years, QA source has served SMEs as well as Fortune 500 companies like Ford, Oracle, Prudential, eBay, Target, Facebook, and IBM.

Services Offered:

  • Automation Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • API Testing
  • Mobile QA
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • QA Analysis
  • Salesforce Testing


Established in 2003, A1 QA is a complete software testing and QA company that has been helping clients across the globe listing several Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-size organizations delivering world-class software products. Known for QA expertise, A1 QA has known for orchestrating best practices and state-of-the-art testing techniques. With 10+ in-house centers of excellence and R&D laboratories, A1 QA has the expertise to align with innovations like AI and IoT.

Services Offered

Full-cycle Testing Services

  • QA consulting
  • Software lifecycle QA
  • Managed testing services
  • Ad-hoc testing
  • Test automation
  • Pre-certification testing
  • Documentation services
  • Dedicated QA teams

Quality Engineering

  • Continuous testing
  • Testing in Agile
  • Microservices testing

Complete Test Coverage

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Cybersecurity testing
  • Usability testing
  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Embedded testing
  • Localization testing

The Crux

If you are tired of working with different software testing service providers and have still not found the perfect partner to collaborate for your business goals, limit your search to our list of top 10 software testing and QA brands.

And yes, either big or small, when taking your project to a testing company, consider how well they understand your business requirements when it comes to productivity and customer satisfaction.

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