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Mursal Furqan Kumbhar
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VS Code Shortcuts every developer should know (Windows)

Who doesn't want to speed up their work? Especially developers. They love shortcuts. And here we are back with some very useful shortcuts for developers when using VS Code in Windows.

P.S. Since this article is to make dev life easier, I have decided to keep it crisp.

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ctrl + /

Moving a line up or down

alt + up arrow/down arrow

Cut an entire line

ctrl + x

Copy an entire line

ctrl + c

Quickly open a file

ctrl + p

Move to a desired line number

ctrl + g

Move to any file within the project

ctrl + e

Hide/Show Side bar

ctrl + b

Select the current line and move cursor to next line

ctrl + l

Show/Hide the terminal

ctrl + j

Select and Edit multiple lines

alt + cursor
drag middle mouse key

Search any word

ctrl + f

Search & Replace any word

ctrl + h

See previous selections/cursor movements

ctrl + u

Quickly close a file

ctrl + w

Switch between sidebar services

ctrl + q

Open current folder in browser

alt + l + o

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insidiousthedev profile image

very cool

klukiyan profile image
Kiril Lukiyan

Move to any file within the project is CTRL+p not e

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douglasdamler profile image
Douglas Kathurima

Good work