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Customize File Input Element Using JavaScript & CSS

There are numerous ways to customize the file input element in HTML. In this post, we are going to make the file input element more attractive using JavaScript and CSS.


We are going to use one element to show an icon and one to show selection text inside a along with to design the input element. So the label is the container for SVG icon and span text. This is how our HTML code looks like:

<input type="file" name="file-1[]" id="file-1" class="inputfile inputfile-1" data-multiple-caption="{count} files selected" multiple />
<label for="file-1">
    <svg xmlns="" width="20" height="17" viewBox="0 0 20 17">
        <path d="M10 0l-5.2 4.9h3.3v5.1h3.8v-5.1h3.3l-5.2-4.9zm9.3 11.5l-3.2-2.1h-2l3.4 2.6h-3.5c-.1 0-.2.1-.2.1l-.8 2.3h-6l-.8-2.2c-.1-.1-.1-.2-.2-.2h-3.6l3.4-2.6h-2l-3.2 2.1c-.4.3-.7 1-.6 1.5l.6 3.1c. 1.2.9h16.3c.6 0 1.1-.4 1.3-.9l.6-3.1c.1-.5-.2-1.2-.7-1.5z" />
    <span>Choose a file...</span>
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Final Output

Customize File Input Element Using JavaScript & CSS

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