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NEEDED: Remote volunteers for mutual aid app

At we are building an app to make volunteers' and community organizers' lives easier and empower communities to help themselves. This is meant to replace spreadsheets and other administrative tedium. We have a working prototype, but we need:

UI/UX Designers
Because nobody will use an ugly app, that's for sure.

Of course. We use React and Rails, but others are welcome to join in.

What's a global app without localization?

Marketing folk
We need to get the word out!

Data scientists
For the contact-tracing API behind the scenes, ensuring everyone involved is safe and their information remains private.

Community organizers and volunteers
To help with onboarding, testing, and on-the-ground work.

For tutorials and infographics.

Please note that we are a global group of volunteers and as such at the moment nobody is getting paid. Still worthwhile, though. We have another side project ( as well.

How to reach us

Here, Slack ( ), or email me ( dawachi at pm dot me).

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