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How to Scrape Google Maps

Scrape Google Maps (Places)

Professional marketers, researchers, and data scientists use the data from Google Maps to build models or reach clients. There is a vast amount of company contacts stored on Google that can be exported into a file. In the following article, I'll show the quickest and simplest way of doing so.

Getting started

  1. Create an account at Outscraper - the service we are going to use to extract the data and emails from companies' websites. Doing so manually even for 25 sites is unhumanistic.

  2. Open Profile page and connect a valid credit card. There is a Free Tier that we can use each month. You will not be charged for the usage belove the Free Tier.

  3. Open Google Maps scraper and enter categories, locations, and other parameters.

  4. Check the queries before starting a task.

  5. Make sure your task is limited to the amount of the data that you are comfortable with (don't forget to check prices for the usage above the Free Tier).

  6. Run the task.

  7. After any task is finished you will receive an email with the link to S3 storage where the results are saved. Alternatively, you can download results and see tasks progress from the Tasks page.

Tasks page:
Tasks page

Use this promotion code on the Profile page to receive a 10% discount: GOOGLEMAPSSCRAPER.

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Illia Zub

Does it support pagination on Google Maps?

mvlad profile image
Vlad • Edited

Yes, it does paginate under the hood and goes until it reaches the limit that you can set.