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This week in Flutter #22

Geekle is organizing the second Flutter Global Summit after they delivered the first one in July this year. As usual, they have a free junior track and a senior track with "deep tech content". Did you attend the first event? How was it? I would love to know your opinion.

Remember that you can always find free meetups about Flutter in your area. I was at one of them in the Netherlands yesterday and I met new Flutter developers who helped me with a problem I was having in one of my apps.

- Michele Volpato

Development 🧑‍💻

🔗 Glassmorphism in Flutter

I did not know that glassmorphism was one of the trends of 2021. I was still stuck with neumorphism. Look how easy it is to implement in this article by Felipe Santos.

🔗 Art with Dart 🎯

If you do not have your own plushy Dash, you can create a digital version by following this funny tutorial by Yash Paneliya. And if you want a more minimalistic one, Vandad Nahavandipoor also created his own Dash from scratch.

🔗 Flutter and AdMob: A blog around monetizing your Flutter app with AdMob

There are different ways to monetize with your Flutter app. You can make users pay to download it, you can have in-app purchase plans, you can let users subscribe using recurring payments to use all the features, or you can show ads to your users. In this article, Dhruv Nakum teaches you how to integrate AdMob into your app.

🔗 Best practices for laying out your Flutter app

Majid Hajian shares some interesting tips you should consider when building widgets. Some of them will make your app performing better, some others are must-known facts.

🔗 How to build a Chat Messaging UI in Flutter

Many apps include a chat feature. Andrea Bizzotto attempted to re-create the typical chat bubbles as simply as possible. And kind of failed 😅. But then he tried again and this article came out. Do not give up easily, and, like for Andrea, the solution will arrive, sooner or later.

🔗 Getting to know Flutter: Easy notifications with MBMessages

MBurger is a platform that helps you publishing meaningful content to your users. As a developer, you integrate it with your app, and then, as a marketer, you just push content to the app for your users to see. In this article, you'll learn from TheOtherDev/s how to easily send push notifications to your users in Flutter with MBurger.

🔗 Creating a Flutter onboarding screen

If the user experience of your app is not trivial, you might need to add an onboarding screen to be shown when the user launches the app for the first time. This is exactly the content of this tutorial by Lewis Cianci.

🔗 Explore Autocomplete Widget In Flutter

In this article, Shaiq Khan implements autocomplete search in a sample app. I did not know it was that simple.

Design 🧑‍🎨

🔗 The Best Libraries For Easy Chart In Flutter

Do you need to add graphs in your Flutter app? Have a look at the examples in this article by Kazeem Ibrahim, check if there is something you like, and go grab the package.


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