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Michele Volpato
Michele Volpato

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This week in Flutter #37

I have been impressed by the Wordle story this week.
Wordle is a word game made by Josh Wardle, that became viral recently. After that, a lot of
clones appeared on the mobile stores, trying to make money from its sudden success.

And they did make money until the AppStore banned them.
It impressed me that people are paying for a game they can have for free.

In case you want to feel the excitement of getting banned from the AppStore, you can create your own
clone of Wordle in Flutter.

- Michele Volpato

Development 🧑‍💻

🔗 Accessibility in Flutter?

Curious to know how adding accessibility features work in Flutter compared to React Native? In this
article, by Tony Owen, you'll learn the basics of accessibility in Flutter
and you'll find out which one is better: React Native or Flutter. Spoiler alert: it's Flutter 😎

🔗 Flutter App Architecture: The Repository Pattern

In this updated article by Andrea Bizzotto, you'll learn how to use the repository
in an example Flutter app that connects to the OpenWeatherMap API.
Andrea provides different ways to use the code he shows, for instance by using several Flutter packages
like get_it, Riverpod,
and flutter_block. Definitely a must-read.

🔗 Flutter Navigator 2.0: Using go_router

I have been waiting for this article for a while.
The previous article about Navigator 2.0 from
Kevin D. Moore was a little bit complicated. This article, on the other hand,
is exquisite. It combines the previous version with the go_route package, and
I am looking forward to proposing these changes to my team.

Backend 🗄

🔗 Everything You Need To Know About Appwrite 0.12

Appwrite released a new version that adds Permission Models, a more performant pagination strategy,
new dashboards, support for more error logging solutions, and more. 🎉


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