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Michele Volpato
Michele Volpato

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This week in Flutter #43

The results from the latest quarterly Flutter survey are out. They focused on:

  • Null safety, which is, as predicted, makes the majority of developers happy;
  • Ecosystem, which satisfactory rate is increasing;
  • Text editing, a subject the Flutter team is planning to improve, both in code and with examples;
  • Mobile development.

I am not surprised to see that Xcode (for iOS dev) and Gradle (for Android dev) are problematic to deal with.
That is also what I experienced while working with Flutter.

What is stopping you from using Flutter more effectively?
Let me know in the comment section.

- Michele Volpato

Development 🧑‍💻

🔗 Cleaner Flutter Vol. 9: Injecting dependencies

A nice explanation of dependency injection in Flutter by Marcos Sevilla,
with some code examples, and more detailed information about when using flutter_bloc and Riverpod. Followed
by Cleaner Flutter Vol. 10: State and UI which is a very
nice reading about state management. I suggest you have a look at the entire "Cleaner Flutter" series.

Tools 🛠

🔗 How to distribute Flutter Desktop app binaries using GitHub Actions

In this article, Angelo Cassano describes the steps he took to create
executables for macOS, Windows, and Linux using GitHub Actions for
his MacRecoveryX Flutter app.

🔗 VSCode Shortcuts, Extensions & Settings for Flutter Development


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Rahul kumar

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Must check it out

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Michele Volpato

This is actually a nice tool. Thanks!

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Rahul kumar

Thanks Michele