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This week in Flutter #20

Big news this week! Google announced Dart 2.14 and Flutter 2.5: Apple Silicon support and standard lints are the prominent updates for Dart.

For Flutter there are performance improvements, Material You support, camera and image picker updates, Widget Inspector improvements, and a new starter project.

Read these recap by Motabar Javaid, Ozan Taskiran.

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Development 🧑‍💻

🔗 Flutter Performance Tips

Here is a short list of tips to improve the performance of your Flutter app. Each tip has a link to a longer explanation if you want more information about it. A nice list by Hasan Basri Bayat.

🔗 Clean Network Layer in Flutter [Dio + Freezed + Json_Annotation]

Create your network layer once and use it in all your projects, with this easy-to-follow tutorial by Ercan Garip.

🔗 Flutter Bloc: A Complete Guide

I stopped using the original BLoC some time ago, I find it too complicated to understand for new developers when they join the team. But if you want to learn more about it, Dhruv Nakum published a nice article where he creates a simple weather app.

🔗 Using GraphQL with Flutter: A tutorial with examples

GraphQL is getting used more and more by API providers. There are some packages in Flutter/Dart that help you with using it in your app. I believe that graphql_flutter is one of the best and in this article, Chidume Nnamdi shows you how to use it with a tutorial.

🔗 Cubit 101: What is It, How to Use it and More

And after the article about BLoC above, here is an article about Cubit, an evolution of BLoC. I always say that I stopped using BLoC, but I can see myself starting to use Cubit in the future. This is a well-written article, I suggest you read it even if you already know Cubit. Via Gianfranco Pigatto.

🔗 Exploring the Stripe Flutter SDK

Stripe is a payment service system with good APIs. Emmanuel Etukudo shows you how you can integrate it into a Flutter app, with support with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

🔗 Getting to know Flutter: Pull to refresh with online data

The pull to refresh is a common UX feature of apps with lists. Learn how to implement it with this article by TheOtherDev/s. This article uses an external package: pull_to_refresh, but...

🔗 RefreshIndicator (Flutter Widget of the Week) can also use the standard RefreshIndicator.

🔗 Implementing SVG in Flutter with flutter_svg

Did you know you can easily use SVG in your Flutter app? Majid Hajian knows that, and he wrote an article about it.

🔗 Advance Scrolling in Flutter - Part (1)

An extensive article about scrolling in Flutter, with examples and GIFs, so that you do not have to implement everything yourself to test it. By Dhruv Nakum.

Architecture 🏛

🔗 Flutter: MVVM architecture best practice using Provide & HTTP


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