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This week in Flutter #30

Did you know that using DartPad you could easily show a running Dart code example on a web page ? You can see it in action here . The Flutter team announced that now you can also add packages to your Dart code example . It is disappointing that many content creators are not using DartPad in their articles. I am gonna guess that the reason is that many of them use a platform that is absolutely not built for developers who blog. I hope that with this update, more bloggers will start using it.

The Flutter team also released a video about app monetization . You can load and display Google Ads in your Flutter app, or you can use in-app purchases or Google/Apple pay.

- Michele Volpato

Development πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

πŸ”— Flutter Canvas API: Getting Started

Learn how to create custom widgets and shapes in this awesome tutorial by Wilberforce Uwadiegwu .

πŸ”— Introduction to FFmpeg Kit API

FFmpeg is an open source suite of libraries that helps with handling video and audio . You can convert a file from a format to another, for instance. With ffmpeg_kit_flutter you can use it in your Flutter application. Learn how it works in this article, by Taner Sener .

πŸ”— Flutter: Building a custom video trimmer with stack and FFmpeg

And now that you know about FFmpeg, practice your video editing skills with this article by kibzrael .

πŸ”— Flutter State Management with Riverpod: The Essential Guide

I might have already linked this article written by Andrea Bizzotto, on state management with Riverpod . But Riverpod was recently promoted to 1.0.0 , so Andrea updated the article. It is a good idea to read it, again.

Backend πŸ—„

πŸ”— Deploy a Dart Shelf server to Google Run


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