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Everyone can be a "Hero"

Before we begin, I don't like the "Hero" term for this context, but you will quickly understand what it means. And we will talk about DevOps, but I think it doesn't really matter.

A year ago, I never worked with Cloud or DevOps tools (personally or professionally) but I was curious about all this world even I didn't know anything about it.

Today, I'm a DevOps working with Kubernetes Clusters in the cloud created by Terraform scripts... and with multiples certifications about DevOps technologies.

But what happened between?

The answer is simple, my boss gave me a chance.

She saw that I was motivated and believed in myself. So she also believed in me. More motivated by this, I gave all that I can do to be at the level.

Of course, I followed a lot of courses during my spare time, worked a lot on onside projects to tests my skills... But the key was that I was (and still am) motivated to prove she's right to do it.

The message of this post is not to say "hey, look at me", it's for every dev to keep their motivation and I hope for you it will work.

Also, it's for every leader/manager. Be open to give a chance to motivated people. It can really be a win-win.

I recently talked to someone who saw my profile on LinkedIn and wanted to hire me. Happy with my current job, I refused, but we talked a little bit. I explain my path which brought me here and I suggested him to do the same. To give a chance. He answers me that it could be a great idea because he doesn't find DevOps to hire.
I know it's something that we can't do in any situation, but it can be grateful for both parts.

Another example is when we were looking for interns. We had 3 profiles, 2 of them completely matches what we wanted, but they weren't motivated to work, by our projects... So we took the third one. She knows how to dev, but she didn't know our stack. However, she was motivated. And she gave us right when she arrived, because she learned our stack to be ready to work.

I hope the mindset will evolve, and finally

"Never take no for an answer" - Johnny Gargano

Thanks for reading this post, I will be happy to discuss about it.

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