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Evolutionary dead-ends (finding childless descendants aka leaf nodes)

There goes the bloodline ☹️

In the following examples get_n_children() returns the number of children the actor has and get_children() returns the children as an array.

Method 1: Standard recursion

function get_childless_descendants(actor) {
    const leafs = []
    return leafs
    function recurse(actor) {
        if (actor.get_n_children()) {
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Method 2: Functional using a recursive reducer

function get_childless_descendants_using_reduce(actor) {
    const leafs = (acc, cur) => cur.get_n_children() 
        ? cur.get_children().reduce(leafs, acc) 
        : [...acc, cur]
    return leafs([], actor)
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Method 3: Functional using a recursive flatMap

function get_childless_descendants_using_flatMap(actor) {
    const leafs = (actor) => actor.get_n_children() 
        ? actor.get_children().flatMap(leafs) 
        : [ actor ]
    return leafs(actor)
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TODO: What happens when the tree is large? Recursion is expensive - an iterator/generator version could be used to find the leaf nodes one at a time, on demand.

Do you have another method?

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