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Srividya Mysore Venkatesh
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Delivering Happiness

Who should read this book?

-Everyone who is considering starting a business.
-Everyone who is concerned with changing the world and being happy.
-Everyone who wants to know how making profits, extraordinary customer service, and happiness all go hand-in-hand.

What is it about?

The central theme of the book is literally delivering happiness as a business by living a life of passion and purpose.

Delivering Happiness details the story of Tony Hsieh and his company Zappos, an example of how thinking long term and following your passions first can lead to not just profits, but a happy life for you, your employees, and customers.

The book provides an alternative approach to a corporate culture that focuses on the simple concept of making people around you happy, and by doing so, increasing your own happiness and company productivity.

A few key points asserted in the book:

  1. It is important to discover the one thing you are passionate about, and conversely, what you don’t want to do

  2. Take things slow. Growing fast can be counterproductive if the wrong people are hired

3.The success of your company is closely tied to your culture, so focus on creating one that you believe in

4.Strive to be always learning, and make it a priority for your employees as well

5.Choose one thing you want your organization to be the best at and focus on that thing

  1. Don’t focus on building buzz around your brand, but rather build engagement and trust by treating people well

7.Have a vision of a higher purpose so that your ultimate outcome will be happiness

In conclusion, The key message in this book is that company culture and customer service are the keys to a successful business. Ultimately, happiness is what everyone is looking for in life, and a company can be successful by finding ways to make its employees, customers, and partners happy. This is achieved through extraordinary customer service and a company culture that is unique, one that employees believe in.

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