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Mohammed Ismail Ansari
Mohammed Ismail Ansari

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The World of Emacs

I've come across a lot of stories where people stumbled upon Emacs and it took over their computer by being more than just a text-editor for them. It quickly turned into a passion for them, and they ended up spending their time looking for every possible way to fine-tune their configuration, add more packages and talk about it to as many people as they can, all the time.

I've also seen people having trouble at the start and they need all the help they can get during their early days with Emacs as there are a lot of questions and the answers are scattered all over the internet which can be

  1. Hard to find
  2. Cumbersome to switch between sources

Though this makes it look like one would use Emacs only "if they are worthy of it" and they need to prove it by making the effort to learn it, how about we make it easy for the newbies by providing this information at one place to start from?

To make this possible, I came up with a mini-guide to Emacs for newbies that is not a guide in itself, but can act as a map by providing pointers to actual useful content that is scattered all around the universe.

You can find the project on GitHub: world-of-emacs

Do let me know your thoughts about it and enlighten me with some bright ideas from the developer community!

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Sir, this a good repo. Thanks.

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Mohammed Ismail Ansari

Happy to know, thank you!