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Discussion on: My tech stack if I had to build an app today

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Ferdinand Mütsch Author

Thanks for that comment! To be honest, I haven't even written a single line of Ruby code, but I know that Rails is pretty popular for web backends, especially because of its ease of use. However, I've recently read several times that Ruby + Rails is on a downside trend and losing popularity.

Elixir and Elm definitely fit into my topic of a cutting-edge, "fancy" stack and are certainly worth getting at least a little more familiar with their concepts, if you're a web developer. But I don't know if they're production ready, yet...

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Ben Halpern

I've come to see the "losing popularity" thing as a feature and not a bug. Rails really blew up and was the new hotness for a long time. I think being old guard technology with a stable community that takes its time to make important choices and a BDFL who still really cares about developer UX. I'm glad that a lot of bootcamps are moving away from the stack because it was probably getting saturated, and teaching Rails is probably not the best way to teach good software practices.

Rails remains a great stack for being super productive on new projects.