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Deploy a javascript only blog with CMS JS

Deploying a blog can be sometimes strenous, from Jekyll to Ghost CMS and Hugo, I've tried out quite a lot of CMS Deployment methods, but there's just one that more than meets my eye - CMS JS

CMS JS is a Javascript only(yes, javascript only!) blog CMS that can be deployed in only a matter of minutes. This ensures that you dont need any backend tools like Node JS or Ruby to have your own blog, CMS JS is a lightweight and simple alternative

How to set up CMS JS

CMS JS currently has two modes, Server mode and Github mode which means you can choose to host your content on Github with Github Pages or you can choose to self host your content.

Learn more about server mode here

How to set up server mode

  1. Clone the starter repo: git clone or download the latest release
  2. Navigate to js/config.js and modify the settings to your liking. Change mode to GITHUB or SERVER mode based on your hosting environment
  3. If you're using Github mode, you'll want to make sure your Github settings are correct, then create a new branch from your master or working branch called gh-pages(Github's default branch for hosting)
  4. And you're done!, as easy as you could imagine


Unfortunately, CMS JS does not provide so much fancy themes like most CMS providers do, though it is quite very easy to customise it comes with a few not so great themes.
You can find them here

Well, that's that, if you want to read more about CMS JS, check out the Wiki or chekout the Github repository

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