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Nate Clark
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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

This week I gave notice to my work family at ZEAL 😢. I am of equal parts deeply indebted, saddened, and excited to be moving on to another chapter of my career. What a great run these past three short years have been.

Today I reflect on all the clients I have worked with. The vast diversity of work, team compositions, and seemingly impossible projects. And to this day I can't believe I was part of a team that successfully brought to market a clean room toaster. We've helped countless teams achieve their (sometimes lofty) goals all while making the journey pleasurable for everyone involved. That is what you can expect from ZEAL. It is our signature move.

Signature move

I look back at all the good times we had and only now realize how precious they really were. The balloon animal workshop (this post's header image), the team competitions, the jet boat, the dinner murder mystery to name a few. The unconditional excitement from Trever every standup. The inescapable joy of Adam. The countless swag and care packages. The always on point Dad jokes, the welcomed trolling, and knowing everyone was there to help each other. Not only to be better at our trade, but to become better people.

I will miss all of that dearly when I power down my company laptop that one last time. Thank you all for an awesome ride.

Signing off

— Nate

PS. If you're looking for a great place to work, ZEAL is hiring!

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