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Hello April!!!

Hello readers! This section will narrate the happenings in the month of April as an intern.

WEEK 4 (April 1 - April 7, 2022) (Day 16 - 20)
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Hi everyone! hope you have a wonderful day...
My week 4 is no difference with the other weeks yet I have different parts I finished in the website and some technical stuff I performed in other offices.

  • Admission section done

  • Admission Requirements for Basic Education, Tertiary, ETEEAP, Graduate School, and School of Law done.

  • Checking network in a soon to re-operate office,

  • Reformatting computer units.

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WEEK 5 (April 8 - April 20, 2022) (Day 21 - 25)
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Hello readers! I just wanna say that this week is quiet challenging for me, not because of the task I made but because I am not in myself caused by anxiety, but thanks goodness I survived it. So lets go back to the task I made. Well, there is no new things I made, as usual the same task I'm assigned to. So here it goes;

  • Academic Section (Undergraduates) done

  • Academic (Graduates) done

  • Academic (Basic Education) done

  • Academic (LRC) done

  • Reformatting computer units.

  • Attending concerns to other offices with supervision.

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WEEK 6 (April 21 - 28, 2022)(Day 25-30)
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Konnichiwa Minasan! this week is really exciting, you wanna know why? it is because I just want it to be exciting to lift up myself. :-D Anyway, about my week task again, as usual the same as before, there is just a few new task that is added. Alright, lets go! read below ;-)

  • Academic Section (Scholarship) done

  • Academic (Cloud Services) done

  • Checking and repairing in elementary computer lab.

  • Reformatting units

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Message from the author
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Hi everyone! thank you so much for visiting my post. Please stay safe and have a blissful life. See you on the next post everyone. This would be the end of this section.

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